Quicksilver created a six-game pack for iPhone and iPad, including classics such as Astrosmash and Night Stalker. The app included detailed help files and the iPad version also featured “behind the scenes” notes about each game and a section explaining the origins of the “Blue Sky Rangers.”

The app ran an emulator built by former Mattel Electronics programmer and Quicksilver co-founder Stephen Roney, ensuring that the included games played exactly the same as they did on the original console.

The behind-the-scenes notes and stories were written up by Quicksilver co-founder and president William Fisher, who was able to talk with many of the original programmers and with Intellivision Productions leader Keith Robinson to gather amusing facts and previously unreleased insights about each of the games.

Fisher and Roney worked at Mattel on various projects, together releasing the voice game Space Spartans and also working with Astrosmash creator John Sohl on the popular voice title B-17 Bomber. Although these games were not in the VH-1 release, they have subsequently been released as recently as fall of 2014, when ATGames released its Intellivision Flashback console.