The Real Deal

Quicksilver collaborated with the team at TimePlay LLC to create an exciting live interactive poker game show called “The Real Deal: Poker” at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In only seven months, our team built an interactive system running on handheld Samsung touch-panel devices plus the back-end server components needed to run the show and manage input from users.

This was a technically challenging project, requiring that 300 units in the room all communicate with the server via WiFi. Accomplishing this meant fine-tuning every aspect of the data packets to ensure maximum throughput — no small challenge, given that WiFi is not designed to handle this many devices in one place. Even with nine separate access points and two independent frequencies, this still required us to write a custom TCP/IP communication layer optimized for speed and low latency.

Stakes were very high with this show, since the players on stage were all famous competitors in Las Vegas tournaments and were regulars on television. The star-studded premiere of the show was held in late 2007 and included nearly 500 invited guests. It went off without a hitch, and the show then launched into a regular schedule of performances eight times each week.

In addition to the main Poker game, Quicksilver also created a Keno mini game with a million-dollar payout. This involved working with a custom “black box” random number generator that would award prizes based on proprietary algorithms known only to the insurance company that provided it. Needless to say, very high security was involved in the handling of this component.