Shanghai: Great Moments

The game Shanghai, and its sequels, uses Mah-Jongg tiles in an easy-to-learn yet difficult-to-master solitaire play pattern. Shanghai has become an addiction for many thousands of players all over the world (but especially in Japan and the U.S.).

Shanghai is not the same as Mah-Jongg. Think of Shanghai as “solitaire,” and the game of Mah-Jongg as “Bridge” or “Gin Rummy.” Mah-Jongg requires 4 players and is a complicated betting game. Shanghai uses Mah-Jongg tiles, but is a 1- or 2- player game that’s simple to learn and challenging to master. Mah-Jongg is possibly centuries old; Shanghai was created in 1986 for Activision by Brodie Lockard. Quicksilver then developed many of the sequels.

The name of the city of Shanghai means “upper sea.” This city has long evoked an aura of mystery, danger, and high adventure, which is probably why it was chosen for the game.