The Mobile Counter-IED Trainer (MCIT) was developed for the U.S. Marine Corps and Army by the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. Quicksilver designed and built much of the simulation software, the interactive map touch-screen, and the custom hardware controllers such as the “.50 caliber mouse” used to control the gun in the simulated HMMWV’s.

The full system includes four 40-foot shipping containers developed by the ICT with exhibits that explain how to identify improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and how they are built. The final container contains two simulated HMMWV’s, each with two front seats and a gunner station, plus one terrorist station with a planning map and firing device.

Quicksilver worked closely with experts provided by the Marine Corps to ensure accuracy of all content and realism in the creation of drivable maps of several cities in Afghanistan. We then built detailed virtual cities and the artificial intelligence logic that created natural-looking behaviors for the characters in the world. The result is a highly immersive experience that provides a deep, multi-faceted learning experience and helps save lives in actual combat situations.

MCIT was popular enough that several full systems were built and deployed.