Math at Work

Math at Work includes the following titles:

Cyber Snacks
In Cyber Snacks you play the role of a vending cart operator using market research to maximize your profitability at an outdoor concert.

Gearing Up
Gearing Up puts you in charge of a bicycle racer using ratios and proportions to win a bicycle race. Builds skills in calculating ratios and proportions.

On the Fly
In On the Fly you assume the role of a smoke jump spotter and manipulate vectors to get your crew to a forest fire before it is too late.

Pooling Around
In Pooling Around you are a swimming pool contractor responsible for scheduling sub-contractors and using basic geometry to plan the needed resources.

Train Reaction
In Train Reaction you are an Incident Commander in charge of cleaning up a toxic spill at a train derailment. Builds skills in solving formulas with powers and roots.