Visitors to the California Science Center in Los Angeles are privileged to experience the majesty of the Space Shuttle Endeavour first-hand, exploring all around and even underneath this workhorse of the American space program.

And, with Quicksilver’s Virtual Tour exhibit, they can also peek inside the cockpit, lower deck and cargo bay of the ship. This custom exhibit features a huge 30″ touch screen that allows visitors to spin around 360 degrees plus up and down and to zoom in on any part of the control panels or fixtures for a closer look. A second screen, mounted higher up, allows others to see what’s displayed on the touch panel.

A number of items in each scene include hotspots that can be clicked for additional information. These explain certain cockpit controls, bulkheads and mooring points throughout the ship.

The product features text in both English and Spanish. A colorful attract mode plays when the unit is not in use.