A bounty has been placed on the head of a monster terrorizing a small country town. Bounty hunters descend on the abandoned mansion where it is rumored to make its lair, each hoping to claim the prize. However, one of these hunters is actually the monster in disguise. One is forced to ask, then: who hunts whom?

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry, from Darkest Night designer Jeremy Lennert, is a deductive combat game for 3 to 6 players. One player is secretly the monster, and their goal is to cripple all of the other players in order to escape the mansion. The other players, the human bounty hunters, must discover and kill the monster before they are hunted down by the creature. Each player moves around the mansion’s many rooms to search for clues, gather items, and target other players to deduce which of them is the monster (or, if you are the monster, to wound the other bounty hunters). Tread lightly, for the hunt has begun…

Each round, players take turns moving about the mansion’s many rooms, looking at cards for clues, and picking up items (cards) to add to their hand. Players can also interact when in the same room as another player and try to attack them using the cards in their hand in order to deduce who is the monster and what kind of monster they are. If you are the monster, then you want to do your best to avoid being killed and wound the other players in hopes to escape the mansion with your life. Play continues until either the monster is slain or all the other players declare that they have been crippled.

What’s New in the Digital Version?

The digital version of Hunt: The Unknown Quarry has the same objective as the board game it is based on: to discover and kill the monster before they are hunted down by the creature. In the game, much of the action occurs in secret, with players at risk of making a mistake that could go unnoticed. In the digital version, the game is played with the assistance of a computer. Rules can now be properly enforced, ensuring the game is played correctly and no player cheats accidentally.

The computer will keep track of what actions are played, in addition to offering tips and guidance. With these changes, the game becomes easier to learn as the players continue playing! The game will become more interactive, faster to play, and more visually appealing with some awesome graphics. Players can now play with friends online or random online users. Now it’s easier to form a group and just get playing!

I love the thematic approach to the game and love how the story of the creature unfolds through playing the game. It’s a truly unique experience. Fans of any type of deductive or murder mystery style games should truly enjoy this one. I highly recommend it. This is definitely one that needs to be played to truly enjoy. Jonathan Nelson

Gaming Bits

“Hunt” is a very entertaining journey … and we really have only skimmed the surface of this most exciting game. RJ Cullen

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