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Case Studies

Rescue Operation: Failed Outsourcing

Problem: A startup company hired an off-shore developer to create their new product: a Web site and companion iOS/Android App. It was late and missing features. And they needed to know if the developer had completed code for the sharded database, as required.
Plan of Action: Quicksilver proposed a two-pronged approach: examine the code for the site, which was built using a PHP framework we had not previously used, and attempt to build the apps to see if they were usable.
Outcome: Quicksilver’s team examined the server code and confirmed that the database was not sharded. We worked with the company CTO and with his approval we retrofitted sharding into the existing server framework. After determining that the app code was extremely fragile and poorly architected, we upgraded, tested and released the iOS/Android apps.
The site and apps went online and worked as originally intended.

Forensic Analysis: Is It Really a Neural Net?

Problem: A major video game publisher invested millions of dollars in a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system. But it never really worked as promised. Was it for real or were they being taken for a ride?
Plan of Action: Quicksilver proposed a detailed forensic analysis: we would obtain complete source code to the game and its elaborate AI data files and reverse-engineer the inner workings of the game.
Outcome: Unfortunately, we had to deliver bad news: the entire AI framework was an elaborate charade; it all boiled down to a single “happiness level” variable for each character. The game was subsequently canceled.

Technology Handoff: Can It Be Salvaged?

Problem: A startup company hired a promising offshore team with unique, top-end technology to develop the hardware and software for their product. Then the team doubled the price and refused to release the source code.

Plan of Action: Quicksilver proposed a thorough reverse-engineering of the provided code, which existed only in binary form, followed by a report comparing the actual code to the original requirements document. If necessary, we would recommend either continuing with the existing team or starting over using a new, more conventional hardware platform and a local team.
Outcome: TBD

Legal Assistance

Problem: A large multinational developed a software product but was sued by a business partner for non-performance. We were brought in to do a detailed analysis of the quality assurance, testing and bug fixing process used by the company and to provide expert testimony in formal hearings as to the quality of work performed.

Plan of Action: Quicksilver proposed examining all bug reports and resolutions and comparing those to typical practices in the field. We also did a review of the actual, running product in order to thoroughly understand its implementation and level of functionality.
Outcome: We produced our report and testified as one key witness in the arbitration hearing. Based partly on the strength of our conclusions, the arbitrator found in our client’s favor in this matter.