Latest News -- August 2019

Gem Rush 1.3 is now available on all platforms! Some of the new features include:

  • Replays let you re-watch prior events in your current game and catch up on what happened while you were gone
  • Invite friends to private games using lobby codes
  • Offline games are automatically saved and can be resumed later
  • Gem count display
  • Bug fix for Improvisation skill
  • Steam Notifications to keep multi-player games moving along

Also recent, here are some great new reviews of Gem Rush: Digital Edition and want to share them with you now:

Gem Rush: Digital Edition is available for all PC platforms on Steam, plus we have mobile versions for iOS and Android! These are fully cross-platform, allowing players on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux to all play together in the same online games. You can also log in to your same account from all platforms, allowing you to continue online games-in-progress and keep your achievements. (If you’ve played on Steam using an auto-generated account, you must add a username and password to the account in order to log in from other platforms.)

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Gem Rush is available now on Steam from Quicksilver, and the board game will be available imminently from Victory Point Games. See our Steam page for the latest (game went live August 6, 2018):

We recently did a great interview that shows how the game is played. You can see that now at:

See our Kickstarter at: (ended May 10, 2018)


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This mountain is rich in mystic gems. Combine gems to open up new rooms, providing new ways to dig up gems. Race against other players or race together against the clock to dig the greatest mine in this fast-paced, easy-to-learn strategy game.

– Leverage more than 60 room abilities
– 20 unique player skills adorned with dwarven poetry
– Competitive, cooperative, and solitaire game modes (1-7 players)
– Online and pass-and-play multiplayer options
– Cross-platform multiplayer (mobile and PC)
– Play a quick game and watch the action unfold, or play an asynchronous game where you only need to take one turn per day
– 3 levels of AI to play with or against
– Faithful adaptation of the Gem Rush board game, programmed by the designer

On your turn, move up to 3 steps in the mine, then do one action.

Building Rooms
Building rooms is the main way to score points! If you move into a room that doesn’t exist yet, you have to build it. Spend cards from your hand that include all the gems on the door you’re building. (Most cards have 2 gems, and can be spent as either or both!) Choose the rotation of the new room and add it to the mine.

Collecting Gems
For your action, use a room’s special ability to draw more gem cards. Different rooms have different rules for drawing cards, so choosing the right room for your situation is key! (If you can’t find a useful room, you can always draw a single card instead.)

At the start of your next turn, if you have more than 4 cards, you’ll have to discard down to 4.

In Rush Mode, the players race against each other. Have the most points at the end of the round when anyone reaches the point target.

In Crisis Mode, the players race against the clock. You’ll be forced to “burn” cards from the deck every turn, removing them from the game. Reach the target score before the cards are all gone!

Here’s what reviewers have said about the original board game: