About Us

Quicksilver Software, Inc. has been an independent software developer for over 30 years, specializing in the creation of unique, high-quality games, educational software, and military training products. Located in Irvine, CA, the company’s current and recent projects include:


  • an award-winning restaurant using iPads at each table (and its online ordering Web site)
  • an online educational game for the USC Institute for Creative Technologies
  • an iPad game for children with autism spectrum disorder
  • ID Maker 3.0, the third in our series of badge-printing products
  • Solitaire Snap Saloon, a competitive iPhone/iPad version of classic Klondike solitaire
  • The Real Deal, a live poker game show in Las Vegas
  • Type to Learn 4, a very well-known keyboarding skills product for schools

Quicksilver’s methodology for design and implementation includes a strong emphasis on careful study of project goals and end users, coupled with prototyping, review and revision in close consultation with our clients.

Quicksilver has extensive experience working with prototyping and developing specialized hardware, as in The Real Deal and the Mobile Counter-IED Interactive Trainer (MCIT) now used by the United States Marine Corps. On the MCIT project, we helped design and build much of the hardware, including custom touch-screens, simulated bomb-arming mechanisms, and a simulated .50 caliber machine gun that interacted with a live 3-D simulation.

Quicksilver’s past work includes site-based interactives requiring high user throughput and very rugged construction, including the MCIT project, nominated for the 2009 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Modeling & Simulation by the National Training and Simulation Association. Previously, working with the California Science Center, Quicksilver created the software for the Space Shuttle Endeavour Interactive Fly-Through exhibit now in use in the Samuel Oschin Pavilion.

Quicksilver was founded by three veterans of the early videogame era who worked together at Mattel Electronics. President and Co-Founder William C. Fisher is active in all aspects of design, planning, development and release of the company’s varied products. Mr. Fisher is also an enthusiastic proponent of new talent development, and in his role as chair of the IEEE GameSIG Intercollegiate Game Showcase has given many talented programmers the opportunity to show off their unique game design skills as part of a competitive and highly engaging annual contest.