Hero Central is an AR (Augmented Reality) game in which you become a Super Hero with real powers. The world of Hero Central exists just slightly out of phase with our everyday world. Thanks to the software and hardware of the modern age, your phone or computer will allow you to see into this world and control your alter super hero ego to solve crimes, play story arcs, take down villains and of course save the day!

Hero_Central_LogoYou can be the solo hero or team up with other super heroes in a team of up to 4 to take on more difficult tasks for greater awards including Rare and Ultra rare gems with which to enhance your powers.

Unlike many other games, Hero Central is classless. This means you can pick your power sets from up to 16 different powers. Want to be a Tank and a Blaster no problem! Want to be a controlling team support hero? Again no problem, the choices are all yours.

We’re working with an incredibly talented team to bring this project to life. You’ll be hearing a lot more about it soon. In the meantime, stay in touch by following us on Twitter and Facebook:


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